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FIRST, the news: Laszlo Polgar, father and manager of Judit Polgar, confirmed in an interview over the weekend that everything is agreed for a dollars 2.5 million match between Judit and Bobby Fischer. The only uncertainty is the precise date of the first game, but it will be sometime during the first two weeks of December. Meanwhile, at a press conference on Monday, Bobby Fischer denied that negotiations have even begun for such a match. So now you know.

Next, the tournament: Tilburg has changed format this year to a Wimbledon-like knock-out event of 112 players (almost all of them grandmasters) contesting two-game matches. In un-Wimbledonic fashion, the English did well in the first round with Murray Chandler, Tony Kosten, Jon Speelman and Tony Miles all winning through to join Nigel Short and Michael Adams (who had byes) among the last 64.

Round two was tougher. Kosten did well to beat Ivan Sokolov by 1 1/2-1/2, but Chandler lost 2-0 to Ulf Andersson and Miles lost to Jose Nogueiras. Short, Speelman and Adams tied their matches, which now go into quick-play deciders.

Finally the problem: In this position (from Zilberstein- Dementiev, 1968), it is easy to be tempted by 1. Nf6+ Kh8 2. Nd7]?, but Black can fight on ch14out-harts-nws with 2 . . . f6] The other forcing line is 1. Qf6 Ne8 2. Qe7 Nc7 3. Nf6+ Kh8, when Nd7 is met by Nd5. So where, in all this, is the killing move? (Answer tomorrow.)