Chess: Adams beats Kramnik

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'YOU are old, Michael Adams,' young Kramnik said, 'and your play is exceedingly passive. And yet you incessantly win every game, for your counter-attacking is massive.'

Vladimir Kramnik, 18, ranked third in the world, came badly unstuck against England's Michael Adams, 21, in the Interzonal tournament in Biel, Switzerland. This brought Adams his fifth win in a row and fine chances of winning a place among next year's world title candidates.

The game was a perfect example of Adams's patient technique of luring an opponent forward to self-destruct. Against his come-and-get-me style, White stood better until 24 . . . Nh5 - Black's first move beyond the third rank for a long time - provoked him into a premature pawn advance.

With 25 . . . Nxf4] Adams equalised, and as the position became more open Kramnik lost control. When Black's queen invaded the empty spaces behind White's advanced pawns, it was all over.

White: Kramnik Black: Adams

1 Nf3 Nf6

2 c4 b6

3 g3 c5

4 Bg2 Bb7

5 0-0 g6

6 Nc3 Bg7

7 d4 cxd4

8 Qxd4 0-0

9 Qh4 d6

10 Bh6 Nbd7

11 b3 Rc8

12 Bxg7 Kxg7

13 Qd4 Kg8

14 Rac1 Rc5

15 b4 Rc8

16 a3 Re8

17 e4 Qc7

18 Nd5 Qb8

19 Bh3 Rcd8

20 Nd2 Ba8

21 Bg2 a6

22 Nb3 Rc8

23 f4 Rcd8

24 Kh1 Nh5

25 g4 Nxf4

26 Nxf4 e5

27 Qf2 exf4

28 Qxf4 Ne5

29 Rc3 Qc7

30 Nd2 Qe7

31 g5 Rc8

32 Rfc1 b5

33 h4 Bb7

34 Kh2 Rc6

35 cxb5 axb5

36 Bf1 Rec8

37 Rxc6 Rxc6

38 Rxc6 Bxc6

39 Nb3 Qa7

40 Na5 Bd7

41 Be2 Qd4

42 Kg2 Qb2

43 Qf2 Qxa3

44 Qf6 Qh3+

45 Kf2 Qxh4+

46 Ke3 h5

47 Nb7 Qe1

White resigns.