Chess: Adams' fine ploy places him back in contention

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MICHAEL ADAMS, England's highest-ranked grandmaster since Nigel Short parted company with FIDE, came back into contention in the Interzonal tournament with good wins in the fifth and sixth rounds.

The second of these was against the American grandmaster Dmitri Gurevich, who must not be confused with the former world junior champion, Ilya Gurevich, also of the United States, or with Mikhail Gurevich, of Belgium. All three Gurevichs are currently playing in the Interzonal, which must set some sort of a record.

Dmitri's error against Adams was to fall into an automatic mode of thinking when playing what appeared to be a forcing move. Adams played the opening in typically aggressive style (he has won all three of his games with the black pieces so far in this tournament) with 5 . . . Nc6 and 6 . . . Rb8]? a clumsy-looking but effective way to give White problems regaining his pawn. The conventional Qa4 can always be met by b5]

When Gurevich continued with Bg5, e3 and Nfd2, his whole play was based on the apparently reasonable assumption that after 11. d5, the attacked knight would have to go away. Instead, Adams's 11 . . . e4]] refuted the whole set-up.

After 12. dxc6 Bxb2 Black would win a rook for the sacrificed knight, and 12. Nxc4 b5] repeated the idea. When Black's rook came bounding down the file to snatch the b-pawn, it made his 6 . . . Rb8 look a very fine idea indeed.

The best White could do was reach a position in which Black's bishop pair and passed c-pawn constituted a winning advantage. Adams rounded it off neatly, giving up queen for rook to force his pawn through to queen.

White: D Gurevich

Black: M Adams

1 d4 Nf6

2 c4 e6

3 g3 d5

4 Bg2 dxc4

5 Nf3 Nc6

6 0-0 Rb8

7 Bg5 Be7

8 e3 0-0

9 Nfd2 e5

10 Bxf6 Bxf6

11 d5 e4

12 Nxc4 b5

13 Nc3 bxc4

14 dxc6 Rxb2

15 Qc1 Rb8

16 Bxe4 Qe7

17 Bg2 Qe5

18 Rb1 Rxb1

19 Nxb1 Be6

20 Nd2 c3

21 Ne4 Bf5

22 f4 Qa5

23 Rd1 Rb8

24 h4 Qa4

25 Nc5 Qxd1+

26 Qxd1 c2

27 Qd2 Rb1+

White resigns