Chess: Judit polgar qualifies for men's Interzonal

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WHILE Nigel Short, Garry Kasparov and their accountants, lawyers and potential sponsors continue to quibble over what is now the unofficial world championship, the juggernaut of eliminating events comprising the Fide cycle rolls inexorably onwards.

In Dublin, Michael Adams and Jonathan Speelman came first and second in the British Isles Zonal to qualify for this year's Interzonal. Meanwhile, in Budapest, two Polgar sisters tried to become the first women Interzonalists.

Earlier this year, the eldest Polgar, Zsuzsa, narrowly failed to earn the right to a match for the women's world title. Her match with Nana Joseliani ended tied at 4-4 after Polgar had held a two-game lead. The four-game play-off was drawn (again with Joseliani scoring a last-minute equaliser), so the tie was decided by drawing lots. If Joseliani goes on to beat the Chinese world champion, Xie Jun, for the title, Zsuzsa will be justified in claiming that but for the toss of a coin she could have been champion.

Zsuzsa was also eliminated in the men's Zonal, but family pride was restored by Judit who shared second place, then won the play-off. Today's game is a miniature between two grandmasters eliminated by Judit. Suba's ambitious play in the opening began to look a little suspect when 14 . . . Bf5 took an important diagonal, but it was 16. Nd5? that lost the game. After 17. Bxd5, White needs only to play e4 for an excellent position, but he is never given the chance.

17 . . . c4] starts the attack, when either Bxc4 or Qxc4 would be met by Rac8. Suba's 18. Qa4 allowed a neat finish with a sacrifice of knight and queen. At the end, 21. bxa3 Rb1 is mate, while 21. Bc3 Bxc3 22. bxa3 Rb1 only delays it for a move.

White: Suba

Black: Sax

1 d4 Nf6

2 c4 e6

3 Nc3 Bb4

4 e3 0-0

5 Bd3 d5

6 Nge2 dxc4

7 Bxc4 e5

8 Qb3 exd4

9 Nxd4 c5

10 Nf3 Nc6

11 Qc2 Bg4

12 Bd2 Qd7

13 a3 Ba5

14 0-0-0 Bf5

15 Qb3 Qe7

16 Nd5 Nxd5

17 Bxd5 c4

18 Qa4 b5

19 Qxb5 Rab8

20 Qxc6 Qxa3

White resigns