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WHEN men sacrifice their queens, it is a sign of misogyny, according to Ernest Jones. Freud's pupil was the perpetrator of the Oedipal chess theory: love your mother, kill your dad and you'll be a grandmaster. His theories, however, do not explain today's game from the Battle of the Sexes tournament in Vienna, in which Maya Chiburdanidze, the former world women's champion, sacrificed her queen to beat Bent Larsen.

White's 7. Qe2, apparently looking for a quick attack with 0-0-0 and g4, was met by resolute action in the centre, designed to take advantage of the stifled bishop on f1. Chiburdanidze found a good positional plan with Nc5, Nxe6, g3 and Bh3, but Black looked comfortable.

The first crisis came with 20 . . . Nd4. After 21. Bxd4 exd4 22. Rxd4 Qe4 23. Rhd1 g6 24. Bh3 Black has enough for the pawn, so Chib sacrificed rook for knight instead. Continuing to attack instead of regaining material with Ng6+, she was brilliantly justified by 31. Qxh6+]] with mate in three.

White: Chiburdanidze

Black: Larsen

1 e4 c5 18 b3 Qb5

2 Nf3 e6 19 Qf3 exf5

3 Nc3 Nc6 20 Bxf5 Nd4

4 d4 cxd4 21 Rxd4 exd4

5 Nxd4 d6 22 Bxd4 Be7

6 Be3 Nf6 23 Nb6 Rab8

7 Qe2 e5 24 Nc4 Rf8

8 Nb3 Be7 25 Kb1 Kh8

9 f3 0-0 26 g4 d5

10 0-0-0 Be6 27 Qh3 h6

11 Nc5 a6 28 Ne5 Bc5

12 Nxe6 fxe6 29 Bb2 Qe2

13 g3 Re8 30 g5 Nxe4

14 Bh3 Bf8 31 Qxh6+ gxh6

15 f4 b5 32 Nf7+ Kg8

16 f5 b4 33 Nxh6 mate

17 Na4 Qa5