Chess: Polgar second best

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ANATOLY KARPOV won the Seville international tournament last week with an impressive undefeated score of six wins and three draws, writes William Hartston. Karpov's 98th first prize in matches or tournaments was almost overshadowed by the performance of Judit Polgar. With five wins, three draws and one loss (to Karpov) she finished second in a field packed with grandmasters and was the only one able to keep in touch with the runaway winner.

In the following game, Polgar dismissed Manuel Rivas of Spain in the quickest grandmaster kill of the year. Black's opening play is exposed as over-ambitious, and the final move delightfully effective. After 15 . . . Rxd3 16. Nxc7 Rxd1+ 17. Nxd1 Bxg1 18. Nxa8, White wins easily.

----------------------------------------------------------------- White: Polgar Black: Rivas ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 e4 d6 9 Qd3 Qe7 2 d4 Nf6 10 Nd4 Nb6 3 Nc3 Nbd7 11 dxc6 0-0 4 f4 e5 12 0-0-0 bxc6 5 Nf3 exd4 13 Bg1 Qc7 6 Qxd4 c6 14 g3 Rd8 7 Be3 d5 15 Ndb5 1-0 8 exd5 Bc5 -----------------------------------------------------------------

Polgar saved her flashiest performance for the last round. Playing White against another Spanish grandmaster, Juan Fernandez, she finished off brilliantly with a queen sacrifice: 1. Rc8+ Kg7 2. Qxh7+] Kxh7 3. Rxf7+ Kh6 4. Rxh8+ and Black, ungallantly, resigned, rather than treating us to the pleasure of 4 . . . Kg5 5. h4 mate.

Final scores: Karpov 71 2 ; Polgar 61 2 ; Khalifman, Rivas and Epishin 5; Yudasin and Magem 4; Adams 31 2 ; Izeta 21 2 ; Fernandez 2.