Chess: Prodigal grandmaster improves by miles

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THERE are three good reasons to be pleased with British chess at the moment. One is Nigel Short's progress, another is the astonishingly good results of the 21-year-old Michael Adams, and the third is the return of the prodigal grandmaster Tony Miles.

After becoming Britain's first grandmaster in 1976, Miles's career went into a bad slump in the mid-1980s.

Last year Miles started to play for England again after spending time in the United States. Last month, he scored his best result for some time, winning the Open tournament in Seville ahead of 15 other grandmasters.

Playing against the Argentine grandmaster Campora, Miles sacrificed a pawn with 25 . . . b4 and moved his bishop from f6 to h4 to f2 to d4, grabbing control of the black squares. 34. Nxd6 is a blunder under pressure (34. Kd1 is necessary). White resigned when he noticed that 35. Nxc8 Rab8] 36. Rxa6 Rxb2+ is fatal.

White: Campora

Black: Miles

1 e4 Nc6

2 d4 e5

3 d5 Nce7

4 Be3 f5

5 f3 Nf6

6 Nc3 d6

7 Qd2 g6

8 0-0-0 Bg7

9 h3 f4

10 Bf2 0-0

11 Kb1 a6

12 Nge2 Bd7

13 Nc1 b5

14 a3 Qb8

15 Nb3 Rd8

16 Na5 c5

17 dxc6 Nxc6

18 Nxc6 Bxc6

19 Bh4 Rd7

20 Bxf6 Bxf6

21 Nd5 Bh4

22 Nb4 Bb7

23 c4 Kg7

24 Bd3 a5

25 Na2 b4

26 axb4 axb4

27 Qxb4 Bf2

28 Nc3 Bd4

29 Kc2 Qc8

30 Nb5 Bc5

31 Qb3 Ba6

32 Ra1 Be3

33 Rhe1 Rb7

34 Nxd6 Rxb3

White resigns