Chess: Speed games

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ROBERT HUBNER has been near the top of world chess for the past 20 years, but when having to play a game in 25 minutes, may become as human as the rest of us.

His match with the world champion for Cologne television ended 21 2 -11 2 in Kasparov's favour, so the following game effectively decided it. Playing the opening cleverly, with 8 . . . Re8 and 9 . . . Qe7 delaying e5 until Black's pieces were optimally placed, Kasparov set his opponent problems.

Usually in this variation, White plays e4 and Black e5, and exchanges in the centre leave White with the initiative in an open position. Hubner, apparently believing that nothing was different this time, played 13. Bg5 which was met by the apparently passive, but potentially venomous Qf8] Hubner threatened mate with 14. Bd3? and was surprised by 14 . . . f5] White can continue with 15. Qh4 e4 16. c5, but Hubner pursued the path of self-destruction with 15. Qxf5?? getting his queen trapped instantly in the middle of the board.

--------------------------- White: Hubner Black: Kasparov --------------------------- 1 d4 d5 9 Rd1 Qe7 2 c4 e6 10 e4 Nxe4 3 Nc3 c6 11 Nxe4 dxe4 4 Nf3 Nf6 12 Qxe4 e5 5 e3 Nbd7 13 Bg5 Qf8 6 Qc2 Bd6 14 Bd3 f5 7 Be2 0-0 15 Qxf5 Nf6 8 0-0 Re8 White resigns ---------------------------