Chess: The man most likely to succeed

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KAMSKY'S win over Anand in the recent Fide world title eliminators has gained him the title of the man most likely to succeed Kasparov and Karpov.

If fighting spirit and determination were all that mattered, he would become world champion without much question. However, he must soon play Nigel Short in the PCA qualifiers, and may find that two title hunts in one year is too exhausting.

Here is the game that effectively drained Anand of the will to resist. As so often happens in a close match, the decisive mistake was made not so much on the board as in misjudging an opponent's state of mind. Kamsky was a point behind with two games to play, and as he was playing Black, might have been expected to play cautiously for a draw.

Instead, he took Anand by surprise by playing sharply from the start. Anand reacted over-cautiously and Kamsky responded by sacrificing one pawn with 15 . . b3] and another with 19. Qd5] This enabled him to seize the initiative and he never let it go.

Regaining his material in the endgame, he retained the advantage of very good bishop against poor knight. Combined with White's pawn weaknesses, it was decisive, but Kamsky had to play very elegantly to prove it.

One particularly neat point came at move 39 when Rxa6 would be met by Rb8, but the endgame is full of such finesses. The game was adjourned at move 60, but by then White's game was way beyond salvation.

----------------------------------------------------------------- White: Anand Black: Kamsky ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 e4 e5 35 Be1 Bxe1 2 Nf3 Nc6 36 Nxe1 Bf5 3 Bb5 a6 37 Rb3 Kf7 4 Ba4 Nf6 38 Rb6 Ke6 5 0-0 b5 39 Rb3 Kf7 6 Bb3 Bb7 40 Rb6 Ke6 7 d3 Bc5 41 a5 Rc1 8 a4 0-0 42 Kf2 Rb1 9 Bg5 h6 43 g4 Bg6 10 Bh4 d6 44 Ng2 Bd3 11 Nc3 g5 45 Ne3 Bb5 12 Bg3 b4 46 Nf5 Rxb2+ 13 Nd5 Na5 47 Ke1 Kd5 14 Nxf6+ Qxf6 48 Rxd6+ Kc5 15 Ba2 b3 49 Rg6 Re2+ 16 Bxb3 Nxb3 50 Kd1 Rf2 17 cxb3 Qe6 51 Rxg5 Rxf3 18 Rc1 f5 52 Rg8 e4 19 exf5 Qd5 53 Kd2 Rd3+ 20 d4 Bxd4 54 Ke1 e3 21 Rxc7 Rf7 55 Rc8+ Kb4 22 Qc2 Rxc7 56 Rc2 Rb3 23 Qxc7 Rf8 57 Rc1 Rb2 24 Qc2 Bc5 58 Nd4 Rg2 25 Re1 Bb4 59 Nc6+ Kb3 26 Rd1 Qe4 60 Nd4+ Kb4 27 Qxe4 Bxe4 61 Nc6+ Ka4 28 Ne1 Bxf5 62 Ra1+ Kb3 29 f3 Rc8 63 Nd4+ Kc4 30 h4 Be6 64 Nxb5 Rg1+ 31 Nd3 Bxb3 65 Ke2 Rxa1 32 Ra1 Bd2 66 Nc7 Rxa5 33 hxg5 hxg5 67 Kxe3 Ra1 34 Ra3 Bc2 White resigns -----------------------------------------------------------------