Children's Books: Illustrations

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My Life with the Wave, based on the story by

Octavio Paz, translated by Catherine Cowan and

illustrated by Mark Buehner (Lothrop, Lee &

Shepard Books, pounds 10.99), p14 top left; Find Asterix (Hodder and Stoughton, pounds 8.99), p14 top right;

Mouse, Look Out by Judy Waite and illustrated by Norma Burgin (Magi Publications, pounds 8.99), p14

bottom right; The Gigantic Turnip by Aleksei

Tolstoy and Niamh Sharkey (Barefoot Books, pounds 9.99), p15 top left; Zagazoo by Quentin Blake (Cape, pounds 9.99), p15 top centre; My Friend Bear by Jez Alborough (Walker Books, pounds 9.99), p15 top right; The Adventures of Mr Toad From Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Inga Moore (Walker Books, pounds 14.99), p15 bottom