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HOLS 'R' HELL can be played by 2 to 6 players, with a counter each and one dice. The rules are very simple. The youngest player starts. All players over 20 must throw a 6 to start. After that, anyone who throws a 6 can have a second throw. In turn, the players throw the dice and move their counters round the board, following the instructions on the squares they land on. The first player to reach the Back to School square wins. However, you must reach this square by moving the exact number of squares indicated on the dice.

INSTANT DEATH: If you land on an Instant Death square you must go right back to the beginning. However, you can escape if you hold the Trainer Card.

TRAINER CARD: The first player to land on the Buy New Trainers square (11) picks up the Trainer Card, which reveals that the player's new trainers are, in fact, the long lost magical 7-League trainers of the Elfin Lords of Troon. Wearing these, you can run away from danger. If you have the card and land on an Instant Death square, immediately go forward the number of squares you moved at your last throw (in the case of the Ultimate Instant Death square, any number over 1 will mean you have to go backwards).

DENTIST: If you land on the Dentist square (39) and you are over 12, you forfeit your next go and give it to the youngest player.

SCHOOL HAMSTER: If you land on the School Hamster square (61) and you are under 8, it's not your fault the hamster died and you can go forward to square 66.

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