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Fresh is the first feature from the director Boaz Yakin, who wrote Clint Eastwood's The Rookie (but probably wouldn't thank you for the reminder). Here, he demonstrates expert grace with the story of a 12-year-old drugs courier (Sean Nelson) who, embittered by the fate of his junkie sister, runs rings around his employers. Nelson's composure suggests shell-shock; untapped genius is nearer the truth. He's intelligent and profoundly affecting, just like the film.

Georges Franju's 1959 horror Eyes Without a Face is about a surgeon attempting to perfect a skin graft for his scarred daughter, with some less-than- willing donors. Franju's nerve is astounding: there's a scene on the operating table that would leave David Cronenberg in need of smelling salts.

You might need them yourself for Dumb and Dumber, a shamelessly scatological comedy that gets funnier the lower it sinks. Go on, laugh: you know you want to.