Choice: Film double-bill

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Thelma and Louise & The Full Monty, King's Lynn Arts Centre, (01553 773578) 7pm & 8.40pm What can one say about Susan Sarandon, other than she's probably the First Woman of American Cinema. She makes weak films watchable and faced with a good script like this, or the great Bull Durham, she is magnetic. She's particularly good at sly humour but when it comes to mixing vulgarity and vulnerability, no-one can touch her. This is partly to do with her relaxed quality on screen. She also gets my vote for having had the dignity and grace to reject the face-lift option. In the pretty dreadful The Client, the camera hugs her worn, angry, beautifully-lined face. In Hollywood, that's worse than going buck naked. This movie famously teamed her up with Geena Davis (it was the latter's breakthrough). See it alongside British cinema's most successful picture in tonight's double-bill advertised as Girl's Night Out.

David Benedict