Choice: The critics

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Alan Davies (below right) Catch this loveable observational stand-up live, before he is lost forever to the gaping maw of telly (he is one of the new managers on BBC2's Fantasy Football League - the first step to small-screen stardom). Banana Cabaret, The Bedford, London, SW12 (0181-673 8904) tonight

Alan Parker, Urban Warrior Simon Munnery, now enjoying success with Cluub Zarathustra, is the brains and the scrawn behind this gloriously- crass left-wing anorak, who is quite possibly the only person in the country still espousing the cause of socialism. Warwick University Student Union (01203 523523) Sun

Stewart Lee The stand-up with the cheekbones you could open a beer-bottle on takes a break from his Fist of Fun partner Richard Herring to test out some of his sharp solo material. Chuckle Club, LSE, LondonWC2 (0171-476 1672) Sat