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Funny Bones (right) The best comedies are often the ones which dance with darkness, and though you wouldn't call Pater Chelsom's follow- up to Hear My Song a great movie by any means, it toys with more ideas than it knows what to do with. The film's greatest asset is Jerry Lewis, a towering demon of a father to his nerdy spawn.

Land and Freedom Ken Loach's tough but compassionate drama doesn't pretend that the Spanish Civil War could have been won simply through Communist unity, but it does insist that this is the foundation on which every cause must be based. Ian Hart is touching as the idealist who leaves 1930s Liverpool to help defeat Franco.

While You Were Sleeping No masterpiece, but a sweet way to pass an afternoon. Sandra Bullock is the subway ticket collector who poses as commuter Peter Gallagher's girlfriend when he falls into a coma (don't ask). A winning romantic comedy.