christmas details: the answers

THE theme was red: 16 red squares from 16 largely red pictures, some quite easy to spot, some not. The trickiest, it turned out, were the Hals, the Ingres and the de la Tour. But many people got all 16 right, and of them, the first drawn from the hat was K H Newton of Bedford, who wins a case of champagne. The three runners-up - they get a bottle each - were Margaret and Derek Walker of London NW1, Mark Yakoushkin of Charlbury, Oxford, and Keith King of London SE5.
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The pictures - some are cropped for the sake of space and clarity - are:

1. Diego Velazquez: Pope Innocent X (1649), Galleria Doria Pamphili, Rome. 2. Henri Matisse: Red Studio (1911), Moma, New York. 3. Giotto: Vision of the Chariot of Fire (c1297), San Francisco Upper Church, Assisi. 4. Jacques-Louis David: Louise Trudaine (1791-92), Louvre, Paris.

5. Edgar Degas: Combing the Hair (1892-95), National Gallery, London. 6. Francisco Goya: Manuel Osorio de Zuniga (1788), Metropolitan Museum, New York. 7. J A D Ingres: Charles-Joseph-Laurent Cordier (1811), Louvre, Paris. 8. Frans Hals: Peeckelhaering (1628-30), Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Kassel. 9. Andrea Mantegna: Madonna of Victory (1495-96), Louvre, Paris.

10. Paul Gauguin: Vision After the Sermon (1888), National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. 11. Raphael: Pope Leo X (1516), Uffizi, Florence. 12. Piero della Francesca: Federico da Montefeltro (1472-74), Louvre, Paris. 13. Georges de la Tour: Penitent Magdalen (c1640), Metropolitan Museum, New York. 14. Jan Vermeer: Girl with a Red Hat (c1665), National Gallery, Washington.

15. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Alfred Sisley and His Wife Marie (1868), Walraf- Richartz Museum, Cologne. 16. J B S Chardin: Attributes of the Arts (1766), Hermitage, St Petersburg.

Alternative titles were fine. The "Giotto" and the "Raphael" may not be by them.