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Pure heaven for Alan is to be watching a TV programme for which he was responsible, in mixed company, while on the phone to other people, all of whom are watching it too. Nigel Williams, Omnibus editor, on Alan Yentob, controller BBC1, in Two and a Half Men in a Boat (Hodder, pounds 16.99)

I can't remember when I last appeared in modern dress.

Maggie Smith, on her film career, Film 93

You never do find out who you are. Maggie Smith, ditto

In any small community there is always somebody with the gumption to get out. I just knew I was smarter than the rest. Michael Caton-Jones, director, on going from Broxburn, West Lothian, to Hollywood, Observer

I got so fed up reading in the paper that I was a likeable Cockney. Neither is true. Dennis Waterman, actor, GMTV

Sherry Lansing is perhaps the only woman in the inner circle of bigwigs and she made Indecent Proposal. An absolutely sexist, horrifying piece of shit.

Margot Kidder, actress, Arena