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Sharon Gethings

New York

Finding crossover points between artistic disciplines is the game du jour for many glossy magazines, and nowhere has it been more pronounced than in the areas of art fashion. Cubism and Fashion at New York's Metropolitan

Museum of Art uses more than 40 outfits to demonstrate how the fundamental traits of Cubism have been translated into fashion. The examples date from the beginnings of Cubism, in 1908, and reflect how the planes, geometrical patterns and indeterminate forms of this artistic movement influenced designers including Paul Poiret, Madeleine Vionnet and Gabrielle Chanel. The exhibition, aptly sponsored by Prada, also explores how the Cubists - especially Picasso (below), Braque and Leger - have been a continuing inspiration to designers right up to the present day.

The Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, USA (00 1 212 879 5500) to 14 Mar, $8


It's carnival time in Venice, which means a rich assortment of masked balls and sumptuous parties, as well as free street entertainment such as jugglers, mime artists, fire-eaters and acrobats. The Venetians take their celebrations seriously, and everyone makes an effort to dress up, so you can be sure that guests won't be allowed to duck out of the madness.

Various locations in Venice, Italy, further details from the Venice Tourist Office (00 39 041 529 8711) Fri-16 Feb


In 1989, a piece of sculpture fetched nearly 20 million guilders at an auction, yet most people had never have heard of the sculptor. Adriaen de Vries 1556-1626: Imperial Sculptor, a major retrospective at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, features over 50 bronzes and 20 prints and drawings by the artist. The works display the idiosyncratic style he was so famous for during his lifetime but which stymied the usual run of artistic imitators who would have ensured enduring acknowledgement of his art. The bronzes are testament to de Vries's strong sense of anatomy and balance and to a quality of finish that has been likened to the style of Rodin and other 19th-century sculptors.

Rijksmuseum, 42 Stadhouderskade, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (00 31 206 747000) to 14 Mar, 7.50-15 guilders

Saint-Paul-Troi Chateau

If you have the taste but not the pocket for that exquisite delicacy, the truffle, head for the Tricastin region of France today, and you can reap the gastronomic benefits of their Fete de la Truffe. Better still, treat your Valentine to a meal at one of the local restaurants, where you can savour this fancy fungus the traditional way: in an omelette served with wine and cheese.

Saint-Paul-Troi Chateaux, France (00 33 475 966 129) 14 Feb