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Going where many other German art establishments still fear to tread, the well-regarded film museum in has mounted an exhibition dedicated to the controversial film-maker Leni Riefenstahl (right). Now recognised primarily as propaganda material for the Nazis, Riefenstahl's best-known films are all the more disturbing because of their technical brilliance, her eroticisation of the body in the 1935 record of the sixth Nazi congress at Nuremburg, Triumph of the Will, and the two-part documentary of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Olympia, for example, an eloquent reflection of the Nazi concept of the Aryan master race. While not shying away from this darker side, the photographic material, manuscripts and lesser-known films on display here aim to give a more complete picture of an extraordinary and innovative artist.

Filmmuseum , Marstall, Germany (00 49 331 271 810) to 28 Feb 1999, closed Mon, DM6-DM8


On the night of 11-12 December 1602, troops led by the Duke of Savoy laid siege to Geneva. The failure of this attack has been celebrated ever since in the annual L'Escalade festival, the name (the "climbing" or "escalation" in English) arising from the soldiers' attempts to scale the city walls using ladders. The weekend of musical events, battle re- enactments andperiod-costume parades culminates in a torch-lit procession to a bonfire at the Cour Saint Pierre. Oh - and the ubiquitous small chocolate or nougat pots filled with marzipan vegetables celebrate the actions of a certain Mere Royaume, who allegedly killed a ladder-scaling invader by pouring boiling soup over him from her window...

Various locations, Geneva, Switzerland (00 41 22 909 7000) today and tomorrow, free


The Museum of Art's Joseph Cornell/Marcel Duchamp... in resonance, explores the friendship between these two artists. The Frenchman Duchamp, who introduced the notion of the "ready-made" or "found object" with his "Mr Mutt"-inscribed porcelain urinal piece of 1917, found a like soul in the younger American Cornell, best known for what he termed his "poetic theatres" - wooden boxes containing an apparently random selection of objects. The show focuses on their shared practice of collecting and preserving information, and features many never-before-seen items.

Museum of Art, 26th St and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, USA (00 1 215 763 8100) to 3 Jan 1999


From the country that's given us Kylie, Rolf Harris and Skippy comes the world-conquering Tap Dogs - an Antipodean tap-dance extravaganza, with six dancers and two drummers. Think Gene Kelly meets Stomp...

Theatre Mogador, 25 rue Mogador, Paris, France (00 33 1 4987 3939) to 3 Jan 1999, Ff100-Ff220