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Francois Couperin: Les Nations Bruggen, Schroder, Bylsma, Leonhardt (Teldec)

With Les Nations, Couperin succeeded in absorbing the new Italian trio sonata style exemplified by Corelli into the French Baroque and established his own reputation as an innovator. The reissued 1965 recordings here also helped establish these soloists in the nascent days of the early music revival. While the close acoustic doesn't offer much space, these are landmark readings. HHHH

Bach: Das wohltemperierte Klavier Book 2 Angela Hewitt (Hyperion)

Angela Hewitt here recalls some of the great performances on piano of Bach's two-volume opus, but the interpretation is very much her own. The richness of the modern instrument over the tonally limited sound of the harpsichord, for which the works were written, will not be to the taste of purists, but her reading overwhelms with its beauty and intelligence. HHHHH