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Macfarren Symphonies Nos 4 & 7 Queensland Philharmonic, Albert (CPO)

Werner Andreas Albert likes to go where few have been before him. He now launches a series devoted to the nine symphonies of Victorian composer George Macfarren, referred to in his time as "the English Beethoven". Mendelssohn perhaps affords a better comparison, especially in the Italian-sounding Symphony No 7. Clean, energetic performances, but Macfarren's true status remains questionable. HHH

Stravinsky/Ravel Petrushka/Piano Concerto in G Boston Philharmonic, Zander (Carlton)

There's no doubting the electricity Zander achieves in this up- front, live account of Stravinsky's ballet. Despite the galvanising textures, however, this is ragged at the edges, the score emerging as episodic rather than a cohesive whole. Stephen Drury doesn't seize all the opportunities in the more consistent concerto HHH