Album: Andrea Bacchetti, Baldassarre Galuppi: Piano Sonatas (RCA Red Seal)

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Though rarely performed today, the Venetian composer Baldassarre Galuppi was so popular in the 18th century that publishers passed off earlier pieces by Vivaldi as his.

Peter Seivewright is recording all 90 of his keyboard sonatas, and the young pianist Andrea Bacchetti here offers interpretations of a handful of them, in which his upright, precise, slightly stilted manner conveys their origin as pieces for harpsichord. The effect is quite entrancing, with successions of delicate trills held firmly in place by Bacchetti's measured playing.

Download this: "Sonata in G major 'Del Signor Buranello'", "Sonata in C minor", "Sonata in B flat major 'Buranello All.'"