Album: Benjamin Grosvenor, Chopin/Liszt/Ravel (Decca)

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Benjamin Grosvenor is the baby-faced piano prodigy who at 18 is the youngest musician ever to sign for Decca. His debut programme for the label ingeniously moves from Chopin to Ravel's "Gaspard De La Nuit" by way of Liszt's "En Rêve", a pleasing arc further finessed by the way he alternates Chopin scherzos and nocturnes, respectively showcasing Grosvenor's boundless dexterity and his precocious sensitivity.

It's an immensely confident set, comparable to Evgeny Kissin's early performances – the most impressive aspect being not his obvious command of technique, but an intellectual and emotional understanding of the music way beyond his tender years.

DOWNLOAD THIS Scherzo No 4 in E major; Nocturne in E Minor; Gaspard De La Nuit