Album: Daniel Barenboim, Pierre Boulez, The Liszt Concertos (Deutsche Grammophon)


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The pairing of the cool Boulez with the more expressive Barenboim might seem a mismatch of styles; but with Boulez wielding the baton over Barenboim's Staatskapelle Berlin as the pianist tackles these two pillars of Liszt's musical temple, a magical balance is achieved that allows the music's character to surge forth with no recourse to the easy victories of cliché.

Right from the opening bars of the "Piano Concerto No 2", it's marvellous, Barenboim tackles the discordancies of the opening movement, before delving into the gossamer character of the 3rd movement. It's this deep but easy rapport with the heart of a piece that is Barenboim's most valuable gift.

DOWNLOAD THIS: Piano Concerto No 2; Piano Concerto No 1