Album: Fell Clarinet Quartet, Bohemian Rhapsodies (Delphian)

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The Fell Clarinet Quartet draw on the broad diversity of 20th-century Hungarian music for this engaging collection – notably Bartók, of course.

The results are hugely enjoyable, and probably closer to the rustic origins of the "Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm" than the composer envisaged. The introductory "Ostinato", especially, is a dazzling, animated miniature which crams more activity into two minutes than some composers manage in a symphony. Alongside the works by Bartók, Farkas and Tucapský, the quartet's Lenny Sayers offers several pieces of his own in which the peculiar characteristics of klezmer music are demonstrated with panache.

DOWNLOAD THIS Ostinato; Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm; Three Klezmer Melodies; Mazel Tov!