Album: Gardiner, Santiago A Cappella (Soli Deo Gloria)

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John Eliot Gardiner's prodigious output continues apace, with the recent Brahms 4th Symphony and an imminent further pair of his exhaustive pilgrimage series of Bach cantatas - surely the biggest current undertaking in any area of music - joined here by the reissue on his own label of another pilgrimage programme.

Originally released by Universal in 2005, this features a series of sublime interpretations of Spanish polyphony by the Monteverdi Choir, including two works apiece by Francisco Guerrero, Tomás Luis de Victoria and Alonso Lobo, with the latter's "Lamentationes Ieremiae Prophetae" furnishing the centrepiece, its arching long phrases like the vertiginous vaulting of a sonic cathedral.

DOWNLOAD THIS Lamentationes Ieremiae Prophetae; Non mortui qui sunt in inferno