Album: Graham Caskie, Préludes and Interludes (Cadenza Music)

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Préludes and Interludes offers the audio part of an interdisciplinary collaboration between composer Stephen Goss, artist Brian Dunce and pianist Graham Caskie – and, it should be noted, Claude Debussy, whose Preludes provided the initial impetus for both Dunce's paintings and Goss's compositions, which are interspersed here among Debussy's own.

The effect is of a series of miniatures assembled into a composite whole, with Caskie's sensitive, evocative performance dispelling any significant differences between the two sources. An intriguing, impressively realised idea.

Download this: "The Gust Of Wind", "Le Vent Dans La Plaine", "Colloque Sentimental", "Des Pas Sur La Neige"