Album: Heinz Hilliger, Induuchlen (ECM New Series)

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Induuchlen demonstrates a different side of Heinz Holliger to the virtuoso interpretations of Bach on the recently-released Konzerte Und Sinfonien Für Oboe.

Here, the emphasis is on Holliger the composer, with two contemporary chamber pieces, "Toronto-Exercises" and "Ma'mounia", bookending two suites, "Puneigä" and "Induuchlen", of challenging settings of modern Swiss poetry, with respectively soprano and countertenor testing both extremes of their ranges – from low growlings to piercing pipings – in the company of instrumental rasps, flutters and groans. "Ma'mounia" features woodwind, horn and piano supporting a furious clamour of percussion, while the "Toronto-Exercises" offers the most satisfying arc. Bracing stuff – though a translation would be welcome.

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