Album: Judith Leclair, Works For Bassoon (Avie)

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Judith Leclair, principal bassoonist of the New York Philharmonic, valiantly manages in this anthology of chamber pieces to avoid the comical nasal quality that makes the bassoon a little showcased instrument.

She opens with Roger Boutry's stealthy "Interférences I", and works backwards through Andrès and Saint-Saëns to Milde's lyrical "Andante and Rondo" and elegant "Polonaise for Bassoon and Piano". The most striking piece is Bernard Andrès' "Chants d'arrière-saison", in which the combination of bassoon and harp creates an enchanting mood of autumnal nostalgia.

Download this Chants d'arrière-saison; Interférences I; Polonaise for Bassoon and Piano