Album: Karl Jenkins, Stella Natalis (EMI Classics)

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Karl Jenkins' Christmas album is a two-part affair, his 12-song title suite followed by nine arrangements of traditional carols and spirituals from around the world such as "The First Noel", "Go Tell It On The Mountain", "Silent Night" and the infectiously staccato Burgundian song "Pat a Pan".

Jenkins tries something rhythmically similar with the galloping "ting ting a ting ting" chant of his own "Cantus Triquetrus", and the apt, shivery stutter with which the choir Tenebrae deliver his "Wintertide". But the album is most notable for its showcasing of Kate Royal's pristine soprano and Alison Balsom's virtuoso trumpet, a heavenly combination throughout.

Download this Cantus Triquetrus; Only Heavenly Music; Wintertide; From Our Earth; Pat a Pan