Album: Manchester Camerata, Tchaikovsky: Variations On A Rococo Theme; Prokofiev: Symphony No 1 (Avie)

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This is the first fruit of Gábor Takács-Nagy's tenure as conductor with Manchester Camerata.

Tchaikovsky's "Variations On A Rococo Theme" has 10 brief sections of a gentle but satisfying logicality, particularly the elegant alliance of clarinet and cello in "Variazone 2"; the rococo comes into its own with "Variazone 3". Thirty years later, Prokofiev wrote his first symphony in the manner of Haydn. The result is congruent with the Tchaikovsky "Variations", whose mood is restored in the Allegro; the ensuing Larghetto has wistful charm, followed by the poise of a Gavotte of almost Caledonian flavour before the dashing Finale.

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