Album: Musikfabrik, From Heaven to Hell (Wergo)

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The third part of German ensemble musikFabrik's seven-volume edition of challenging new music pieces, From Heaven to Hell thematically links works by Martin Smolka, Mauricio Kagel and Louis Andriessen.

Smolka's "Rush (Hour In Celestial Streets)" imagines angels seduced from their wings to angelic vehicles. On earth, Kagel's "Orchestrion-Straat" has the musicians imitating a machine invented to imitate musicians, a commotion of tuned percussion and wheezing horns, suspended between music and mechanics, human and robot. Finally, Andriessen's "Racconto Dall'Inferno" plunges us, via four minutes of descending chords, into a Dantean hell of demonically cycling horns and pianos based on The Divine Comedy.

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