Album: Peter-Anthony Togni, Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae (ECM)

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Under Jeff Reilly's virtuosic control, the bass clarinet possesses an aloof, almost mystical timbre comparable to the duduk flute used in Middle Eastern music, aptly representing the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah's lamentations in this piece by Peter-Anthony Togni.

It blends sacred choral music, classical concerto form and jazz improvisation, with the bass clarinet furnishing the emotional colour for the Elmer Iseler Singers' measured delivery of the scriptural texts, in which Jeremiah bemoans the downfall of Jerusalem. With echoes of both Messiaen's choral work and Russian religious music, it's a sombre work alleviated by the occasional interplay of choral and clarinet threads, as in "Quomodo Dominus filiam Sion obtexit".

Download this Quomodo Dominus filiam Sion obtexit; Silentio; Recordare, Domine