Album: Phillippe Herreweghe, Mahler: Symphony No 4 (PHI)

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Belgian conductor Philippe Herreweghe has chosen Mahler's Symphony No 4 as the debut release on his PHI label.

It's an interesting choice: Herreweghe's Orchestre des Champs-Elysées is known for the period authenticity of its interpretations, and the use here of gut strings, and their effect on the bowing style, combined with Mahler's undersized brass section, brings an unusual lightness to the balance between wind and strings that works to pleasing effect in conveying the buoyant religious ecstasy behind the work. The serene third movement Adagio, "Ruhevoll" avoids the temptation to wallow Romantically in favour of an airy lightness that's in keeping with the composer's spiritual intention.

DOWNLOAD THIS Ruhevoll; Sehr Behaglich