Album: Pierre Boulez, Memoriale; Dérive 1; Dérive 2 (Naïve)


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Performed by the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, these three pieces date from the 1980s, using small groups of musicians.

"Memoriale", for flute and octet, features darting plosives amidst an undergrowth of stealthy string textures and lofty horns. "Dérive 1" uses a Feldman-esque palette of woodwind, vibes, piano and strings, and although named for the structural principles of derivation upon which it's based, its drifting manner also suggests the French notion of a dérive as pleasantly aimless wandering.

The same could not be said of the much longer "Dérive 2", which is more purposive, its edgy opening pitching nervous strings against animated vibes and marimba, before settling into a crowded 50 minutes of frantic activity.


Download this: Dérive 2; Dérive 1