Album: Quatuor Ebene, Fiction (Virgin Classics)

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Quatuor Ebène seem the string quartet most likely to take on the mantle of the Kronos Quartet, not least for their ability to accommodate jazz and pop influences.

Fiction is built on their tradition of encoring with dynamic chamber arrangements of such material, as in the spirited version of "Misirlou", from Pulp Fiction, which opens the album, and "Come Together", featuring cunning drag-bounced bowing to effect the percussive shudder of the original. Elsewhere, the various funk and wah-wah guitar parts of David Holmes' "7-29-04 The Day Of", from Ocean's 12, are realised on antique violins, while cellist Raphaél Merlin excels with his jazz bass virtuosity on "Nature Boy" and Wayne Shorter's "Footprints".

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