Album review: Eric Vloeimans, Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, Evensong (Challenge Classics)


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Featuring the jazz trumpeter accompanied by orchestra on pieces written by himself and/or collaborator Martin Fondse, Eric Vloeimans' Evensong is another album poised on the increasingly blurred cusp of classical and jazz.

Capitalising on his breathy timbre – almost more woodwind than brass – the four-part title-track blends weary, late-night trumpet lines with woozily lowing, Arabic-flavoured horns and strings, before acquiring an urban bustle akin to Bernstein in the climactic third movement. "Waterfront" occupies similarly noirish, cinematic territory, while both "Requiem" and "Lex" make use of the trumpet's sombre sonorities, the latter a wistful waltz in tribute to the leader of the inmates' orchestra at Auschwitz.

Download: Evensong; Waterfront; Lex