Album review: Klaus Florian Vogt, Wagner (Sony Classical)


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Klaus Florian Vogt's youthful passion and exuberance seemed to have ushered in a new age of heroic tenor singing with last year's Helden collection.

But this set of Wagner arias suffers by comparison with Jonas Kaufmann's recent equivalent collection: though possessing an undoubted princely nobility and boyish enthusiasm well suited to the younger roles, Vogt sounds thin and strained in places – his cries of "Wälse!" in "Ein Schwert Verhiess Mir der Vater" shrink into the scenery, rather than shake the foundations. Here, his performance seems most effective when allied to the foil of Camilla Nylund's soprano, in "O Sink Hernieder, Nacht der Liebe" from Tristan und Isolde, and the finale to Act 1 of "The Valkyrie"

Download: O Sink Hernieder, Nacht der Liebe; Du Bist der Lenz; Amfortas, die Wunde!