Album: Robin Gibb & RJ Gibb, The Titanic Requiem (Rhino)


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If this is to be Robin Gibb's final contribution to music, it's a fittingly noble undertaking; and, as a collaboration with his son, an apt passing-on of the baton.

RJ Gibb is the motivating force behind The Titanic Requiem, including the decision to base it on the Latin Mass – though his father comes into his own singing "Don't Cry Alone", as from a drowning husband to his wife. The "New York Suite in C Major" is a pleasing evocation of hope, ambition and freedom, and "Sub Astris (Under the Stars)" ingeniously reflects the class divisions on board by contrasting elegant strings and aristocratic horns with the more déclassé xylophone tapping the folksier steps of rougher-hewn footwear.

DOWNLOAD THIS New York Suite in C Major; Sub Astris (Under the Stars); Don't Cry Alone