Album: Rolando Villazon, ¡México! (Deutsche Grammophon)

Thanks to the coincidence of two Mexican anniversaries – the Centennial of the Revolution, and the Bicentennial of the Independence Movement – there are several Mexican-themed collections on release, with conductor Alondra De La Parra's recent Mi Alma Mexicana (My Mexican Soul) followed here by Rolando Villazón's ¡México!, popular songs from his native country.

The tone is set by the opening "Bésame Mucho", on which Villazón's florid delivery relishes every syllable; things are more restrained on songs such as "Comprendo" and "Noche De Ronda", while the timbale-driven "Veracruz" and standard "Perfidia" showcase the skills of the musicians, particularly the Bolívar Soloists.

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