Album: Sandrine Piau, Les Paladins, Jerome CorreasLe Triomphe de L'Amour (Naive)


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In Le Triomphe de L'Amour, Sandrine Piau immerses herself in the buffeting waves of romance that pitched and yawed amongst the baroque French operas of such as Lully, Grétry, Rameau and Charpentier.

There are some unexpected treasures unearthed here, but Piau's gifts are nowhere more effectively employed than on Lully's “Enfin, j'ai dissipé la crainte”. She animates the narrative with a measured emotional turbulence that stretches the boundaries of its formal arrangement, a tension between propriety and hysteria resolved only in the poise of the final bars.

Download: Enfin, j'ai dissipé la crainte; Espoir des malheureux; Je vole, amour