Album: Sigyn Birkeland, Frost: Parapraxis, Bassoon Concerto; Karlsen: Serenata (Signum Classics)

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Sigyn Birkeland has put together an intriguing programme of modern bassoon pieces.

Stephen Frost's "Parapraxis" blends Latin and English lyrics, sung by a restrained choir as the bassoon probes furtively in the orchestral undergrowth. His "Concerto for Bassoon" is more filmic, the opening movement's lyrical bassoon theme stippled with tuned percussion. The second movement occupies a darker, quieter space, before the ebullient final section concludes proceedings against a backdrop of hypnotic string and piano motifs. Norwegian Kjell Mørk Karlsen's "Serenata" has a tragic quality, which in the final section blends an Iberian flavour with menacing flourishes reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann's Psycho soundtrack.

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