Album: Teodoro Anzellotti Bach: The Goldberg Variations (Winter & Winter)

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We are familiar with the Goldberg Variations played on piano or harpsichord, and transcriptions for strings, organ, guitar and harp; but this is the first Goldberg I've encountered on accordion.

Best known for his performances of new music by such as Holliger, Kagel and Berio, Teodoro Anzellotti here tackles the Variations with a calm, elegant logicality. Extraordinarily, the instrument serves the material surprisingly well, its warm timbre bringing an emotional ambience, while the longer delay-time of the reed notes emphasises how the pieces may have sounded on, say, a harmonium and revealing the folksy origins of the concluding Quodlibet.

DOWNLOAD THIS Aria; Variatio 14 a 2 Clavier; Variatio 30 a 1 Clavier (Quodlibet)