Album: Various Artists, Klangstudie and Komposition (Other Sounds)

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One of two compilations released to accompany Dave Henderson's new book tracing the development of electronic music, Journey to a Plugged in State of Mind, Klangstudie and Komposition draws together early works by such pioneering exponents as Herbert Eimert, Bruno Maderna and Karel Goeyvaerts, climaxing with Pierre Boulez's "Poésie Pour Pouvoir", a substantial work for three orchestras and five-track tape.

The earliest pieces here are by Eimert. Dating from 1950, his "Klangstudie 1 & 2" are painstakingly edited assemblages of swooping glissandi, nagging whines, throbbing pulses and brusque buzzes, intended to emulate the serialism of Anton Webern. The hardcore precursors of dubstep.

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