Album: Vittorio Grigolo, The Italian Tenor (Sony Classical)

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Handsome, prolific and blessed with uncommon interpretive skills, Vittorio Grigolo is the most exciting young male talent in opera today.

Following his 2006 crossover "popera" debut, In the Hands of Love, The Italian Tenor finds Grigolo focusing on a core Italian aria repertoire culled from Verdi, Puccini and Donizetti designed to showcase his range, from the unbridled gusto of "Possente Amor Mi Chiama" to the tender undulations with which he tracks the emotional topography of "Torna ai Felici di" and "Spirto Gentil". It's a marvellous collection, with Grigolo's dramatic abilities abundantly evident in the fruity relish with which he rolls each syllable round his mouth.

DOWNLOAD THIS Torna ai Felici di; Possente Amor Mi Chiama; Spirto Gentil; Donna Non Vidi Mai