666 @ 333
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I'm not sure why those NY Sushi Boys have bestowed the mark of the beast on this gig but I couldn't find any Satanic messages in their press release, just a mouth-watering line up of drum'n'bass and house DJs.

In the red corner, representing the Metal- headz posse, Fabio and Grooverider play grimy urban beats, while Jacques Lu Contes showcases his peculiar brand of funky Euro-beats upstairs.

Not content with bringing together some of the world's best drum'n'bass/ progressive house DJs, special guests from the Wall of Sound stable will also be making an appearance.

What's NY Sushi's secret? Maybe it's the fun gadgetry or free noodles they give out. But, more importantly, they know how to manufacture an irresistible party atmosphere.

However, 333 only holds 600 so arriving late could see you stranded in Old Street at 1am - not pleasant.

Friday, 333 Old Street, London EC1 (0171-739 5949) 10pm-5am pounds 10

Alister Morgan