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SWALLOW @ mass

After promoting numerous one-off gigs around London, the Swallow collective (above) find a spiritual home at Brixton's MASS Club (formerly The Brix). Brixton is the place for nocturnal partying and this new gig could well be the icing on the cake.

Anyone seeking drum 'n' bass and hard house in a pretention-free environment should head to MASS. This former place of worship may not bring you any closer to the promised land but you can be certain that you'll have some great recollections to discuss at 7am on Sunday morning.

Residents Sharpz, Baseman, Theory, De Witt, Saskia and Agony control the Technics with rotating guests (Nicky Blackmarket, Andy C and Ellis Dee feature tonight), so the dance floor will be heaving with jump-up kids.

MASS has had a substantial amount of money spent on it - pounds 2.5m apparently. The promoters "want to see smiles on faces and people having a good time in whatever way makes them feel good". An excellent maxim. Introduce yourself while the gig's in full swing and see if they'll buy you a drink.

Saturday, St Matthew's Church, Brixton Hill, London SW2 (0956 940097) 10pm-6am, pounds 6-pounds 10