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WESTWOOD @ the temple

Radio 1 DJ, Tim Westwood returns to the Temple for the second of three gigs over the Christmas period. Hip-hop lovers will already be familiar with Westwood's events. Whether promoting a showcase at Notting Hill Carnival or simply putting on a jam, you can bank on hearing the rawest cuts of US hip-hop and R&B.

The Temple is a large venue which offers plenty of chill-out zones and dance space and has a well-dressed clientele. With women gaining free admission, you can be sure that this gig will also attract plenty of guys. There's no dress code here but plenty of people make an effort, displaying the latest urban fashions alongside scores of trainers and baggy trousers.

With so few events playing solely rap music, this is a must for hip- hop devotees who crave a night dedicated to phat beats and rhymes. If you miss tonight then next Saturday gives you the chance to catch the last instalment.

Tonight, 415 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 (0181-808 0808) pounds 6, ladies free admission



Tuesday sees the launch of a new event in London's Soho. Daiquiri Disco opens this week supported by a number of independent parties enlisted to bolster proceedings. Despite a wealth of bars in the area the K Bar always manages to attract a stylish and mature crowd. For anyone looking for more intimate venues, as a plethora of oversized New Year's gigs approach, the K Bar is an excellent place to kick start a Christmas knees-up.

Tue, 84 Wardour Street, London W1 (0171-439 4393) 10pm-3am, pounds 5

TWICE AS NICE @ the coliseum

Clubs are supposed to be slow before New Year, but no one seems to have told this crowd - and on a Sunday, too.

The formula is simple enough: phat beats and a great social vibe. Thoughts of work on Monday morning are cast aside and the result is a memorable night of R&B, rare grooves and plenty of deep garage. Mix at the bar, work out on the dancefloor or chill with the Sunday papers, it's all good.

Sun, 1 Nine Elms Lane, London SW8 (0171-272 418) 9pm-3am, non-members pounds 5 before 11pm/pounds 8 after, members pounds 4 before 11pm/pounds 6 after