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CREAM @ cream

Creamfields was the best festival this year, even if it was only one day long but anyone visiting Liverpool's super club in its original state is rarely disappointed. Best of all the acrimonious split between Darren Hughes and James Barton doesn't seem to have affected the running of the club or the size of the queues. The split seems to have temporarily ended speculation about a Cream franchise in London but that may be for the best. London isn't exactly bereft of good clubs and while there are other excellent clubs in Liverpool, clubland in London is a world away. Besides, if it ain't broke ...

Even after five years, a bangin' sound system and a well-dressed, energetic crowd continue to make this night a success. Paul Oakenfold sets the standard with top-quality innovative mixing with support from Nick Warren, Paul Bleasdale and K-Klass. The gig still attracts hordes of punters from across the UK but retains a distinctly "northern" feel. Join the lads (far too many, "I'll play it safe" button-down-collar shirts here) and lasses and sample the standard by which modern clubbing is judged.

Saturdays, 1-3 Parr Street Liverpool 1 (0151-709 1693) 9pm-3am, pounds 10

CLUB 21ST CENTURY @ the vibe bar

The transglobal generation hook up every Thursday in Brick Lane at the Vibe Bar. The interior is stylish and relaxed and offers patrons the chance to hook into the Internet and surf the world's websites. The music reflects the global perspective: DJ Talvin Singh kicks off in the Indian subcontinent, before Tunde Jegede introduces African beats with a live performance. Drum'n'bass and interactive beats also make an appearance - a modest expedition through E1 can expose you to a whole new world of nocturnal entertainment!

Thursdays, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 (0171-375 3711) 7pm-11pm, pounds 5/pounds 3 NUS & UB40

FUNKIN' PUSSY @ africa centre

Funky flavas, hip-hop beats and old-skool classics do the business attracting as cool a crowd as you'll find in London. Hooch, Tha Dump, Kenny Boots and the excellent Jasper the Vinyl Junkie work the crowd effortlessly. The old and new tunes are seamlessly presented at this gig and the crowd are never content to sit on their backsides when they could be cutting a dash on the dancefloor. If you like a intimate vibe and your music funky then you'll love it. It's so healing to hear P-funk classics in their original state.

Tonight, 38 King St, London WC2 (0171-836 1973) 10.30pm- 3am, pounds 3 for 1st 50/pounds 7 after