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You know that summer has really arrived when the raves start getting even bigger. There's something about hot weather that makes people want to party with thousands of other sweaty revellers in a field, empty air craft carrier or, in this case, the 2,500 capacity Drome.

These kind of gigs hark back to the "old rave" vibe that kicked off the entire club scene more than a decade ago but with all-important facilities (like seating and decent toilets) that Nineties' clubbers have come to expect.

Tranceformation consists of two huge rooms boasting more PAs, DJs (including Adam Freeland and Orange Peel) and bass than you can shake a stick at. As the name suggests, the beats will be trancey featuring the best of techno, progressive and hard house.

With 3D projections to compliment the live PAs and the promise of various surprises, there will be plenty to amuse your eyes as well as your ears. Check out their website if you can't make it and link up to live music on the night.

Tonight, 11 Stainer Street, London Bridge, London SE1 9RL (0171-407 3349) 10pm-10am, pounds 10 (


BALLISTIC @ the drome

This is the first-ever clubbing event aimed at raising funds and highlighting awareness of testicular cancer. As the most common form of cancer to affect men aged between 20 and 35 years, testicular cancer cases have doubled in the UK in the last 20 years. Rather than receive a lecture, the idea is to party hard but there will information leaflets on testicular cancer available, and part of your entrance fee will benefit cancer research.

Friday, 11 Stainer Street, London Bridge, London SE1 9RL (0171-407 3349/970 6023) 10pm-5am pounds 10 in advance/pounds 12 on door


The same formula of glitz and handbag house keeps the punters flooding to this gig week after week proving that you don't have to play so-called "cutting edge" tunes to throw a great party. A young crowd create an atmosphere that reminds you of the first time you managed to sneak out to go to a "real club". With the gig ending at 4am there's enough time to warm up but not enough to waste chilling out. Tall Paul, Angel & Pete and Russell are on the decks tonight with support from Rob Webster.

Saturdays, Mansfield Road, Derby (01332 600700) 9.30pm-4am pounds 8-pounds 10 (